Odd Jobs Frequently Asked Questions


How important is my profile on SellYourJobs?

Your profile is seen by the homeowner along with your bid. So, whatever you write reflects on your ability to perform the work. This is your chance to win new business!

How much does it cost to submit bids on SellYourJobs?

When you submit a bid on SellYourJobs, you’re agreeing to pay 5% (five percent) of that job’s total cost to SellYourJobs. Remember, you only pay the 5% fee if your bid is selected by the poster; think of it as a “lead finding” service, easily worth its cost. It’s easy to recoup these costs by simply building an extra 5% into your bid.

Does the homeowner see who is submitting a bid?

No. Only after the bid is accepted will the poster see your name and contact information. However, along with your bid, the homeowner will see profiles and reviews (if available).

Is an accepted bid considered a formal contract between me and the homeowner?

Yes. When a homeowner selects a bid, it’s the same as signing a formal business contract. Plus, the 5% fee is automatically removed from your payment option.

Why do I need to sign up to use SellYourJobs?

We’re trying to keep this service as safe and legitimate as possible for both people looking to work and those looking to get work done. A profile helps us know who is providing services, which hopefully maintains a high level of professionalism for all parties involved.