Homeowner Frequently Asked Questions


Do I have to own my home to post on SellYourJobs?

No. But, you DO need have the authority to have work performed on or around your residence. Throughout the website, we refer to someone posting a job as “homeowner” to prevent confusion.

How much does it cost to post a job on SellYourJobs?

Posting work that needs to be done costs you absolutely nothing. We’re connecting you with local do-it-all service providers with whom we have relationships and payments arrangements.

Will I see who is submitting bids?

You will see bids, profiles of the service providers, and feedback ratings of their work (if available). Once you select and accept a bid, you will receive contact information so you can get the work done.

Is an accepted bid considered a formal contract between me and the service provider?

Yes. Selecting a bid is the same as signing a formal business contract.

Why do I need to sign up to use SellYourJobs?

We’re trying to keep this service as safe and legitimate as possible for both people looking to work and those looking to get work done. A profile helps us know who is using our service, which maintains a high level of professionalism for all parties involved.