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From driveways to dog-walking, find the right professional for the job you need to get done. Local expert contractors bid for your work. Before you select one, you can review a history/qualifications overview and feedback ratings. SellYourJobs is a single source for quick, cost-effective connections, saving you time and money, while giving local contractors quality work. This is a FREE service for people looking to get work done, and setting up an account is easy.

A successful project in 4 easy steps:

1. Post the work you need to get done.
2. Within 48 hours, contractors are notified and submit bids.
3. Review the bids and overviews, then choose one.
4. Exchange contact information, and the work gets done.

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We're new. And growing!

Since we've recently launched, the number of participants may not be as high as it will be in, say... a month from now. Or a year! New work and new service providers are continually being added, so SellYourJobs will only get stronger and more effective. Tell your friends and family about us, and thanks for your patience as we grow, grow, GROW!

need work?

need work done?


Post your job.
Receive quality bids.
It’s that easy.

This FREE service saves you time and money, while giving local contractors quality work.  Ready to get started?

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Find local jobs.
Bid to get the work.
It’s that easy.

Instead of chasing work and placing worthless bids, find jobs that suite your skills and schedule.  Ready to get started?

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SellYourJobs is a time- and money-saving tool to help you complete work you need to get done. It’s quick, easy, and smart.

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Service Providers

SellYourJobs is a like a qualified lead generator. Hundreds of homeowners gather right here, and you bid on only the jobs you want.

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Odd Jobbers

SellYourJobs lets you quickly and easily search for work you’re qualified to perform. You only put in bids for the jobs you want.

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